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Committed To Spinal Care

At Laser Precision Spine Surgery, Anchorage Neurosurgeon – Dr. Kim B Wright is committed to providing the highest level of research supported care for our patients.

We understand that suffering from a spine condition can greatly affect one’s quality of life and their ability to perform daily tasks. We aim to treat each of our patients with empathy and respect, providing appropriate care which meets their unique situation. We strive to educate our patients about their condition and encourage them to play an active role in decision making surrounding their treatment, surgical or non-surgical.

Through teaching, patient involvement and personalized care we can achieve the best possible outcome in the treatment of your condition.

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30 + YEARS Neurosurgery Experience



"..I thank God that I called Dr. Wright because getting that second opinion was like getting a second chance."


"...They called all over the country to research the latest treatments. And after one surgery, he gave me back my life."

Bob M

Through the miracle of meeting Dr. Wright and him explaining that he could give me ten to fifteen more years of good living. Dr. Wright is a miracle worker, and I am so blessed. After [...]

James A

15 years ago today Dr Wright performed major back surgery on me to repair degenerative and hereditary spinal damage. At the time I was 39 years old and could not even put on my socks, [...]

Mike M

"You operated on me in 2009. That 45 minutes saved my life. I got my life back. Keep up the excellent work!" Mike M

Lori J

Dr. Wright improved my life 9 yrs ago and I've recommended him several times over the years. He is truly amazing!!! He corrected my bulging disk in my neck and improved my life far more [...]

Dr. Wright’s Blog

Sciatic nerve pain

A patient I saw in the office yesterday for an additional opinion who had been receiving multiple injections in his back for low back and leg pain. His MRI shows his problem is in his [...]

Lumbar Stenosis

A lumbar stenosis patient I saw today came for a second opinion after being told by another surgeon she needed four levels fused and she would stay in the hospital for a week and need [...]

Intestinal Bacteria May Cause Back Pain

Intestinal Bacteria May Cause Back Pain There is an explosion in medical studies and interest in intestinal bacteria causing a multitude of medical conditions including spinal pain. At Laser Precision Spine we are following the [...]

Spinal Stenosis Prevalence Expected to Increase in Aging Population

For many people, spinal stenosis develops after the age of 50, and the condition is expected to become more prevalent as the Baby Boomer generation ages. The condition, which is triggered by abnormal narrowing of [...]