Mike M

"You operated on me in 2009. That 45 minutes saved my life. I got my life back. Keep up the excellent work!" Mike M

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Dr. Wright has changed my life!  I am very grateful and really appreciate everything that Dr. Wright and his staff have done for me.  Just a FYI, happy patient!!! - H.B.

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Tim M

"I should have visited Dr. Wright 5 or 6 years ago. The pain relief is amazing!" Tim M

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"...The nerves in my right arm where shutting down because of the bone growth in my neck. I couldn't even pick up a pencil."

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Bob M

Through the miracle of meeting Dr. Wright and him explaining that he could give me ten to fifteen more years of good living. Dr. Wright is a miracle worker, and I am so blessed. After one surgery, no fusion, I feel twenty years younger. It’s like I’m brand new. As a young man, I didn't [...]

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Suzan N

I would like to say “thank you” to the exceptionally caring and skilled neurosurgeon, Dr. Kim B. Wright. Dr. Wright recently performed surgery on my neck. Last August, I experienced serious neck issues. Accordingly I had both x-rays and MRI’s of my neck. Each of the fine medical practitioners who saw these, due to the [...]

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Elana K

I have struggled with back pain for over 15 years. Any medication to control pain, I tried. Numerous physical therapies. THREE surgeries by a different doctor. Nothing helped. The pain was unbearable. It interfered with my daily life. That was all until I met Dr. Wright. His knowledge and professionalism was outstanding. I am extremely [...]

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Ali C

When I returned to Alaska to find my whole family in intensive care with severe injuries from a truck collision, I did not realize that it was my daughter's great good fortune to have Dr. Kim Wright on her team. Her brain was injured so badly the even her chances of survival were considered minimal [...]

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